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This section is about SUPER fun things for tween girls to do!

First I will make a list of fun things to do. Even if they don't seem fun at first, if they're up there, they are.

And if you're asking why I would do this, it's because I know that if you don't have anything fun to do, you're probably going to look something like this:

So here's the list (you can copy/paste the websites if you want):

Well there you are! Please thank me for not putting math on there, because studies say that most americans HATE math, so you're welcome for that :D

This section will show you about the INTERNET!

First of all, YouTube (YouTube.com/watch) is your guide to everything. You can look up youtube stars such as Miranda Sings (my favorite), popularMMOs or even iBallisticSquid! Of course, make sure you have EVERY safe search engine on or else... well, just take really anyone's word for it.